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Brand: Red Bull


In today's dynamic landscape of retail, the art of captivating customers’ attention and driving sales is more vital than ever. With new brands and products constantly entering the market, it is no wonder marketers are always looking for strategies — to navigate through the maze of competitors, changing consumer preferences, and evolving digital platforms.

This next POSM project which we have designed and fulfilled for global leading energy drink brand, RED BULL, is one that enhances the shoppers’ shopping experience. Complementing its attractive POSM displays at retail spaces, the popular arcade game challenge, “Catch the Sticks” has certainly increased foot traffic during Red Bull Singapore’s roadshows at various Cold Storage outlets throughout the island.


Winning a contest is an exciting experience, no matter what prize is being given away. Businesses often capitalise on the excitement that comes from winning something by offering giveaways to their customers and followers. Contestants can take on this limited-time-only reflex agility challenge and test how fast their reflexes are. A series of attractive premium giveaways and exclusive Red Bull merchandise are up for grabs as shoppers go eyeball to eyeball — attempting to catch the most sticks — as they “stay sharp and go further” with Red Bull.


Shoppers trying their hands at the “Catch the Sticks” reaction challenge to win attractive prizes and exclusive Red Bull merchandise. Image credit: Red Bull Singapore/TikTok

The possibilities are endless when it comes to promotional gift ideas to complement marketing events, launch campaigns or roadshows like this. For instance, Red Bull has lined up a series of attractive winning prizes for the challenge — e.g. exclusive Red Bull lanyard keychain, portable minimalist sports bottle, travelling shoe bag, round neck T-shirts, among other Red Bull merchandise.

Strategically placed at retail stores, shopping malls, or social parties, a marketing tool like this can impactfully entice shoppers and transform them into potential buyers. Take the excitement up a notch by making it into an interactive and fun challenge — with fantastic prizes and giveaways up for grabs — and visitors will actively want to participate and share their experience with friends and family. The shared experience over social media platforms provides unique content that evokes sentiment and encourages consumers to react.

A brilliant experiential retail tool that provides shoppers with an entertaining and a memorable experience with the brand while doing their in-store shopping — even before making a purchase. At DTC World, we pride ourselves on the quality of an extensive range of merchandising products, POSM and display solutions to capture consumer attention, enhance brand perception, and ultimately drive sales.


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