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Aluminium is a wonderful choice for the planet. Why so? Unlike plastic, this silver metal alloy can be recycled — again and again — without losing its quality or value. Perfect as a sustainable alternative to elevate your drinkware series without compromising the quality, yet buzzing with excitement — these aesthetically attractive colour-changing aluminium cups are definitely worth the hype.

One of the regional fulfilment projects we have designed and fulfilled for world-renowned Japanese craft beer, KIRIN Ichiban — this range of personalised cool drinking aluminium cups is without a doubt a versatile marketing tool for your POSM solutions to enhance brand visibility and profitability.

With an exterior that bears a relatively striking resemblance to the popular Riedel’s O stemless wine glass, these cool and sleek beverage cups are practically an innovative modern vintage mashup. (All eyes on the colour-shifting sakura petals embellishing the thermochromic cup surface.) A brilliant marketing idea to create a compelling brand presence where it counts — whether it’s in the backyards, at the bar counters or on the shelf before landing in your customers’ hands — creative and unique cups like this are a sure hit.

Get in on the sustainability party. Grab your customers’ attention with eye-catching retail displays and refreshing promotional merchandise — that echoes an eco-friendly brand message.

At DTC World, we have a wide range of unique and super-insulating drinkware to complement any table setting from basic, casual to formal or any campaigns. (We constantly strive to deliver the best solutions for all your marketing needs. With us, you can rest assured that the durability, quality of materials and overall value are well taken care of.)


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