Refreshing Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Your Corporate Giveaways and Event Gift Ideas


Business gifts and corporate giveaways are a representation of what your company stands for. With over 80% of consumers looking to patronise businesses that make the environment a cornerstone of their company values, sustainability is clearly more than just a trend. That said, businesses around the world are responding to a global imperative and consumer demand by going green.

With the green wave on the rise, marketers are making gradual switches to eco-friendly and sustainable gift alternatives for their gifting and marketing campaigns. Whether it’s corporate gifts for clients and employees, or event giveaways at conferences or exhibitions — regardless of the occasion and purpose — sustainable gifts reduce waste and help embrace a climate-friendly lifestyle.

There’s always a choice: Selecting sustainable alternatives to paper and plastic. Image source: Break Free From Plastic

Reduce, reuse, recycle: Plastic-free, sustainable gift ideas for corporate swags and event giveaways

Apart from making a strong first impression on your recipients, eco-friendly gifts showcase your brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility and build brand loyalty. They do more than just protecting the environment, they are also practical and reusable. For a long time.

A good corporate gift finds the middle ground between the personal and the professional — and in certain cases can even act as a catalyst for a deeper and more profound business relationship. All in all, you are looking for something creative, unique and refreshing. Gift ideas that are useful, relevant and of good quality. And if they are eco-friendly alternatives, all the better! ( Read here on how to source sustainably your corporate gifts and marketing merchandise.)

From practical items that go into a corporate swag or an event giveaway, to a selection of daily essentials that complements a sustainable lifestyle, we have picked out some of the buzz-worthy eco-friendly gift ideas that make a lasting impression among your recipients.

Table of contents:-

1) Premium Thermal Food Container with Cutlery Set and Insulated Carrier

2) Eco-Friendly Food Safe Silicone Lunch Box

3) Bamboo and Stainless Steel Mug with Lid

4) Bamboo Flask (460ml)

5) Sttoke Classic (12oz)

6) Wooden Clock with Wireless Charger 

7) Plantable Pencil 

8) Kraft Paper Stickers Pack

9) Cork Fast-Charging Wireless Mouse Pad

10) Eco Cork Notebook

11) RocketBook  

12) Tyvek PU Tote Bag

13) Tyvek Carrier Bag

14) Tyvek Hand Clutch Bag

15) Tyvek Laptop Pouch

16) Canvas Cork Shopper Tote Bag (12oz)

17) Jute Bag with Zipper

18) Recycled Polyester Canvas Tote Bag

19) Eco-Friendly PLA Non-Woven Bag

20) Eco-Friendly rPET Non-Woven Bag

A. Eco-friendly lifestyle: How to be more green and sustainable in your day-to-day

Whether it’s corporate gifts, employee swags, or innovative green gadgets for event giveaways, giving gifts that someone could use as frequently as possible is always a wise choice. This is an opportunity to inspire with an eco-friendly gift that is not boring — but is actually creative and useful; something that will surely stand up to daily use (regardless if it’s at home or in the office.)

1. Premium Thermal Food Container with Cutlery Set and Insulated Carrier Metallic Handle

Why we like it: Convenient, sturdy and durable. This thermal food container is designed with two separate storage, and equipped with a cutlery set! Not forgetting also the insulated carrier, which comes along with it, ensures your packed food is kept at the right temperature. Bid adieu to plastic containers with this elegant and practical gift that will surely complement your eco-friendly marketing campaigns.

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway

2. Eco-Friendly Food Safe Silicone Lunch Box

Why we like it: Who says lunch boxes have to be mundane and regular-looking. Fighting plastic packaging and plastic food containers has never looked more stylish! Thanks to its vibrant colours, this eco-friendly lunch box is a great promotional product idea for smart and eco-conscious businesses. It helps towards creating an environmentally conscious routine with fully recyclable and useful everyday items.

Bamboo, glass, ceramic, and other materials like silicone can make beautiful, reusable, washable, and durable products that can be used again and again.

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway

3. Bamboo and Stainless Steel Mug with Lid


Why we like it: Words are not enough to express our love for this sleek and sustainable steel mug. A reusable mug made from stainless steel and bamboo, that also comes with a lid — this sustainable alternative helps embrace a greener daily lifestyle, by changing our everyday habits. It can significantly reduce single-use plastics as well as minimising the consumption of microplastics, which can be harmful to our body.

Believe us, an environmentally-friendly beverage mug that’s probably used every single day — it’s a great place to start!

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

4. Bamboo Flask (460ml)


Why we like it: A high-value, slam-dunk gift for employees or clients alike. This sleek and reusable water flask is made from evergreen materials. Ample printing area for you to add personalised touches, e.g. logo printing or text. Pair it with the Bamboo and Stainless Steel Mug — and you’ve got yourself an exclusive corporate gift set that would surely get people talking (a lot) about your brand.

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

5. Sttoke Classic (12oz)


Why we like it: Minimalistic eye-catching, this sleek and sophisticated corporate gift is a perfect choice to show appreciation for your clients or as an employee swag. Sustainable and durable — on top of its lightweight feature — no more sipping cold coffee to power through your day! An ideal (and good looking) alternative to plastic cups, definitely, as well as a healthier option to your drinking habit. (Keeps you safe from consuming hazardous microplastics from the use of plastic cups, etc., as depicted in the infographics below.)

Its eco-friendly material speaks for itself. Its design gives you a touch of prestige that will instantly add value to your gifting campaigns.

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

Break free from plastics by opting for a ‘more green’ daily lifestyle. Infographic source: Save Our Shores

6. Wooden Clock with Wireless Charger


Why we like it: A functional 2-in-1 feature that makes this digital alarm clock a practical household accessory. The stylish wood housing will look great anywhere you put it; whether it’s at home or in the office. If you’re looking for another eco-friendly alternative, you may want to check out this other design of Bamboo Alarm Clock with Wireless Charger.

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

Do you know?: Plastic by the numbers

Plastic pollution is any plastic that ends up in our environment — from bottles and bags to less obvious sources like tea bags and clothes. Here are some key facts about the impact plastic usage is causing to our mother earth.

  • As of 2021, there are at least 363,762,732,605 pounds of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.

  • Half of all plastics ever manufactured have been made in the last 15 years.

  • Production increased exponentially, from 2.3 million tons in 1950 to 448 million tons by 2015. Production is expected to triple by 2050.

  • Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic waste escapes into the oceans from coastal nations. That’s the equivalent of setting five garbage bags full of trash on every foot of coastline around the world.

  • Plastics often contain additives making them stronger, more flexible, and durable. But many of these additives can extend the life of products if they become litter, with some estimates ranging to at least 400 years to break down.

  • Many marine organisms can’t distinguish common plastic items from food. Animals who eat plastic often starve because they can’t digest the plastic and it fills their stomachs, preventing them from eating real food.

If you have more questions about the product material or quality pertaining to a certain promotional gift item you have your eyes on, speak to us! Our product specialists would be more than happy to share with you further insights into the type of promotional gift item best-suited to your marketing purposes.

Source:, National Geographic

Image: David Guttenfelder, Nat Geo Image Collection/National Geographic

B. Socially responsible and sustainable stationery essentials

Selecting office (stationery) items as your gifting idea is also a brilliant way to remind your clients or customers of your brand. Speaking of staying at the top of mind, there is a variety of less boring daily office and stationery essentials you can pick from. If you wish to gift some non-conventional, yet refreshing and equally practical items which one can’t say No to, check out the following gift ideas. (A great way for brands to minimise their carbon footprints.)

7. Plantable Pencil


Why we like it: A creative and innovative idea to exude a green message for your promotional and marketing campaigns. These engraved plantable pencils are 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Comes with a card which you can easily customise with your company’s logo or personalised texts — this meaningful stationery item truly echoes how “small actions with huge impacts” can lead to a more sustainable planet.

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

8. Kraft Paper Stickers Pack


Why we like it: Add some fun to your notebook, laptop, phone cases, pretty much anything, with these kiss-cut stickers! These natural brown paper stickers are strong and sustainable. Also, they have a unique, appealing and stylish look than white paper stickers. Made from high-quality eco-friendly kraft paper that provides great look and feel, this stationery item is highly customisable according to your brand, preferred design or logo.

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

Want to understand more about cork; and the endless gift possibilities you can explore with this sustainable material? We have you covered. Get inspired with these cool cork products to incorporate in your gifting efforts today.

9. Cork Fast-Charging Wireless Mouse Pad


Why we like it: A must-have desk essential for any work station. Space saving and good looking, all you need to do is to place a compatible smartphone on the pad's wireless charging spot and voila! Simultaneously, you can browse the web on this mousepad with a complete cork exterior.

A multifunctional product, add this to your swag bags at any event or to your onboarding gift for new team members and it's sure to impress.

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

10. Eco Cork Notebook


Why we like it: A good notebook brings wonders to our work. And we think this next product idea can be part of your eco-conscious corporate gift set or employee swag. A useful alternative to sticky notes or other types of notebooks that might contain non eco-friendly adhesives. Its natural brown cover will surely impress your employees and clients.

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

11. RocketBook


Why we like it: A reusable smart notebook that can scan, digitise, and organise your hand-written notes, effortlessly. Comes with an erasable pen that allows you to jot down notes conveniently, send the notes to be saved digitally, or erase the writings on the notebook with just a simple wipe! Eco-friendly as this notebook can be reused repeatedly. A fascinating, new age notebook that will surely wow your recipients!

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

Looking for ideas to say the perfect thank you when you select your corporate gifts, or employee swags? Check out our gift selections in “12 Unique End of Year Corporate Gifts That Say the Perfect “Thank You”” and be inspired by the creative and unique products that will surely express your appreciation in the most thoughtful way possible.

12. Tyvek PU Tote Bag


Why we like it: Store your personal belongings and essentials in this durable tote bag that comes with additional zippered pockets (inner and back). Made of durable eco-friendly material, it is a great alternative to single-use plastic bags which will remain in landfill for years. Totally reusable and machine washable (spot cleanable), this Tyvek PU tote bag is also designed with a sturdy PU handle strap (available in short or long version). A few different colour combinations to choose from, this tote bag makes an ideal eco-friendly alternative for your gifting campaigns — particularly, when you could freely add personalised touches on the large printable area of the bag.

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

13. Tyvek Carrier Bag

Why we like it: A good looking and practical bag that is made of a reusable and durable Tyvek material — which makes it way more useful than a plastic bag. Totally washable, plus a creative and eye-catching design that provides a stylish, authentic look-and-feel. A practical and elegant gift that complements your green marketing campaigns.

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

14. Tyvek Hand Clutch Bag


Why we like it: Walk in style with this au naturel and easy-carry clutch! Super convenient to store your personal belongings, both in a stylish and eco-friendly way. A practical and fashionable gift to add more noise to your green gifting efforts or marketing campaigns.

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway

15. Tyvek Laptop Pouch


Why we like it: Without a doubt, another product that can be put in as an environmentally friendly corporate gift or promotional event giveaway. Made of Tyvek, an eco-friendly and sustainable material, this ingeniously constructed protective sleeve cradles your laptop perfectly — guarding against minor impacts and spills. Its durability alongside the fact that it’s washable (and recyclable) make it an ideal gift for everyone with a demanding everyday routine.

To add more exclusivity, you can always personalise the laptop pouch with your preferred designs, company logo or text. A minimalist and fashionable gift that will surely excite your recipients and green marketing campaigns.

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway

C. Promotional tote-ful bags for events, conferences and exhibitions

The biggest positive of reusable bags is that their use cuts down on the amount of litter on land and in the ocean. From classic canvas totes to modern looking washable jute bags, we can’t deny that there’s no stopping to custom tote bag designs. Much like mug designs, tote bag designs can take advantage of the usages that the tote bag product has, and like T-shirt designs, tote bag designs can be used as a fashion statement, too. A perfect marketing tool to showcase your brand at any event or MICE function — corporate affairs, conferences or trade exhibitions — let’s check out some of the tote-ally fabulous and eco-friendly bag ideas you can explore.

16. Canvas Cork Shopper Tote Bag (12oz)


Why we like it: A fantastic grocery shopping bag that’s also a great alternative to single-use plastic bags. This large, sturdy and beautiful canvas shopper bag is a bag for many things: shopping, travel, beach, university, sports, events. The elegant design, combining a cotton canvas with a sustainable cork base, ultimately levels up the overall value and impression in your recipients’ eyes. Add your brand logo and personalised message, and it’s a perfect sustainable gift to boost your marketing efforts.

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

17. Jute Bag with Zipper


Why we like it: As far as eco-friendly fibres go, jute is a real star performer! Jute bags are biodegradable, sturdy and long-lasting, too. This environmentally responsible bag is very suitable for an exhibition or event. Its spacious storage capacity, coupled with comfortable, padded handles, makes it an ideal sustainable promotional gift your recipients will truly thank you for! The jute bag can be printed with your logo or personalised text. Your recipients will enjoy using the bag — and you will catch the promotion without compromising the environment.

Ideal for: Corporate gift, employee swag, event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

18. Recycled Polyester Canvas Tote Bag


Why we like it: Made of durable rPET fabric which uses recycled green fibre raw materials (e.g. plastic water bottles), this reusable canvas tote bag offers a stronger usage, allowing the bag to hold up extra bearing capacity. 

An economical gifting choice at exhibitions or events, it presents a subliminal message (yet, a strong impression) in echoing your brand’s green effort. Simply add a personalised logo or text on the canvas’ large printing area.

Ideal for: Event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

19. Eco-Friendly PLA Non-Woven Bag


Why we like it: Durable and reusable, PLA non-woven bags are biodegradable and compostable, an ideal giveaway item during events, exhibitions, promotions at supermarkets — or your other marketing and promotional efforts. Easily customise your event bag according to your preferred designs, by adding a logo or message.

Ideal for: Event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

20. Eco-Friendly rPET Non-Woven Bag


Why we like it: Support sustainability by considering eco-friendly alternatives in your gifting efforts with your brand is the way forward. Another bag idea with great eco credentials suitable for events, exhibitions or other functions, this practical bag is easily customisable according to your preferred design.

Ideal for: Event giveaway, conference swag, trade exhibition

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Closing Thoughts

With the appetite for more environmentally friendly products on the rise — and companies attempting to meet it — 'greener' replacements are becoming increasingly popular. Ultimately, it is also paramount to identify the right type of eco-friendly gift items for your marketing needs.

We hope you find the selection of eco-friendly gift alternatives we’ve shared with you refreshing and useful! If you love any one of these sustainable gift ideas we have compiled in this article, just put our team to work. Let's discover how these sustainable and innovative gift ideas and approaches can be incorporated into your brand, your business — to create more meaningful (and evergreen) connections with your customers.

Towards a more sustainable future

At DTC World, our focus on sustainability is an ongoing and exciting journey. Over the last year, we have strived to accelerate the pace and strengthen our efforts: our sustainability strategy, and all our actions with regard to our workforce, the planet, our communities, and through responsible business principles. We are delighted to receive the 2021 EcoVadis Platinum medal — as it recognises the continuous effort of our entire organisation in realising our sustainability strategy.

This award demonstrates our unceasing commitment to sustaining our environment, while keeping our social responsibility close to heart. We are proud to be leading the industry in these areas. Learn more about DTC World’s sustainability initiatives in the 2021 Sustainability Report or on our website.

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